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Jesus taught a message that many consider as radical.  The main reason is because what he taught makes no sense to most people.  I mean what he said contradicts what we think and all we have been taught.  Many will tell you that he really didn't mean we had to do what he said.  Their reasoning is that "I mean we are only human."  People will tell you that what he commanded is impossible to achieve in our flesh.  Yet if this were all true then why even tell us to do things we can't achieve?  The truth is what he said is achievable, but it requires more than half measure attempts. The question that comes up is how important is your citizenship in God's kingdom? 

We are not here for debates and disputes. As you will see our primary focus is the true message of Christ. We also approach some areas that are you may find different.  Still whatever you read on this site can (and is) validated by Scripture.  It is not designed to promote a feel good doctrine or one that is accepted by the masses.  I mean really; how many will follow a message that Jesus said if many would seek but few would find the way?

   No one in their right mind wants to take a path where they will face rejection and ridicule.  Ironically, these were the very same things that Jesus faced and told us we would face. It is in these times of confrontation that we either find our greatest victories or we feel alone.  It is in those times that we need to know the truth more than ever.

  In my own case I felt totally alone in the world and wondering if it was all really worth it.  In my flesh all I could do is try and fight what I knew to be true; God had a plan.  I found that the harder I ran the more God placed people and events before me to keep me aware that I had been chosen by him to fulfill a specific purpose.  That purpose was to seek the lost and to profess the teaching on this website.  I know that should be the purpose of every Christian, but the truth is the majority of the people attending church are just as lost as anyone else, the only difference is they don't realize they are lost.  Yes, they profess to believe and yes they profess to have been baptized; but their still lost.  Where they know John 3:16, they don't understand John 14:23, Luke 6:46-49, Matthew 7:24-27,John 14:21, John 15:14, Luke 9:23-26,John 12:44-48, II John 9-11

  No matter whether people want to believe it or not, Jesus told us to do what God had commanded through him as an evidence of our love for him. Far too many treat the commands spoken by Jesus as nice ideas to aspire to, but never think for a minute about actually striving to fulfill them.  If we do not do what he commanded his love is not in us.  If his love is not in us, then where is our Salvation?  It is nice to profess to love God and it is something totally different to evidence that love for God by obedience to all that he commanded.  Yes God does have unconditional love for us; but it is up to us to do what is necessary to avail ourselves of that love.  However, the path to attaining that love comes at a high price.  Jesus told us that we would be persecuted and hated by the world.  Jesus told us the Father had to be of more important than anything including our comfort, our possessions, or even our own children.  Regrettably, most believe that people liking them, attaining wealth, and even personal opinion are whats really important. In that belief they are placing their faith, effort, and trust in things that are temporary, when we know we have been told to lay up treasures in heaven that can not be stolen or destroyed.  In that we are gaining things of eternal value.  Even our families are to represent God's kingdom and obedience to his word.

It is in that light that we take a positive stand concerning polygamy.  Unlike the Mormons our stand is based on the fact that many vestiges of self must eliminated for polygamist relationships to work. There is nothing that can create an idea of esteeming others higher than yourself than expanded families.  We further promote the idea that such relationships are not about race or anything else and will fail if God is not the center of everything. Where many see polygamist families as being "all about sex," the truth is that sex is a very small part of a very large picture.  The idea of founding relationships on sexual attraction is setting them up to fail.  But when it is founded on God and his principles it will endure the test of time.  

   It is great to profess our sins are forgiven, but Jesus told us to forgive so our sins would be forgiven.  If we are unable to forgive others, are our sins really forgiven?  How can we profess to love as Christ loved and allow anyone not to find the same joy, love, and peace that we have found?  Yet people out of self interest will make choices everyday that cut people off from the love of God.  How can we profess to love our enemies while beating them senseless? How can we ever say we are obeying Luke 6:30, while denying anyone our aid?  And how can we close the doors of our households to those who have no other desire than to set under headship that can lead them blameless before the Father.  Why should anyone hear God say well done my good and faithful servant, if they haven't obeyed His will and command?

   When we look at Jesus and the disciples, the first church, and Paul's picture type of Christ and the Church in Ephesians 5:21 -33 and 6:1-9, we see another place where we get off track.  Jesus told us to esteem others higher than ourselves. In the passages in Ephesians Paul uses the idea of submitting.  First in submitting to one another, then wives to husbands, children to parents and slaves to masters.  Men are told to love their wives as Christ loved the church.  That means that the man is totally submitted to God and makes those in his care his priority.  That doesn't happen if he is unwilling to be totally submitted to God and to see the needs of those in his household as being of greater necessity than his own comfort.  In the description of Jesus, the disciples and the women who  followed him, we see Jesus in submission to God and the disciples and women in submission to Jesus, because of his submission to God.  The same thing has to be true with an individual, a family, and a church, if they profess to follow Jesus.  To be a Christian means to be a disciple, a follower, or a mimicker of Jesus.  Jesus said we should count the cost before we declare ourselves as his disciple.  Can you honestly say your life right now reflects being a follower, disciple, or mimicker of Jesus? 

   Our mission is to provide you with information concerning the true message of Jesus.  We fulfill this in a number of ways:

    (1) We provide (what we call) the little lessons.  These little four page lessons are taken directly from the words and actions of Jesus. Face it you will never understand Paul till you actually get Jesus.  We send these lessons to inmates in jails and prison, to individuals who request them, and place them in various outlets, like truck stops and such.  To receive them all you have to do is contact us for information on how to get them. There is never a charge for them. These same lessons are also available through the sister website "Teaching You Can Download."  You can also go to the "Free Downloads," page and you will find many of them there.

  (2)  We provide this and other web pages for the purpose of teaching the message of Christ.  If you look to the left of the screen you will see pages for videos of both Christian music and teaching, you will see forums where members share teaching and comments on teachings, and several pages devoted to various aspects of understanding.  The free downloads page has a link to a sister site where there are a bunch of teachings you can download for free. You are invited to become a member of this present site and join in by sharing your comments on the forums, writing forums of your own, and well manifesting Christ.

   (3)  We are willing to come to your area to get local study groups started.  This is possible as God opens the doors.  We have been known to go nearly 1,000 miles to fellowship with 2 people.

    (4)  At present there are two books available for purchase through Publish America. These books are also available through, Borders online and other online sources. Go to their site and look up books by T.D. Bennett. The titles of these two books are "The K.S.S. Rule," and "A Final Word To Laodecia."

     (5)  If you are affiliated with a church who accepts this message we are more than happy to come and speak for your congregation.  Understand you better read some of the lessons or books before making that kind of choice.


    Through these actions and others we are making every effort to reach the lost in these last days.  I know you have heard that before; but today more than ever all the sins of the end are before us. Everywhere you look and many that you may hear all point to the same thing; the end of this reality.  Now the time has come to determine what is really important and what isn't.  Do any of the things you spend your time and resources on everyday assure you the kingdom of God?  

    As I said every quest begins somewhere, in this case the quest to finding the reality of God's love and to be loved by those who love him starts right here.  Know that through our obedience to those things commanded by God through Jesus, we become a new creation in Christ.  Old things pass away and all things become new.  All things means exactly that; all things.  Over time we will be adding photos and video come back and be blessed.

   Where we understand that this teaching is not for everyone, it is for those who desire the truth of God's will above anything and everything.  In other words this site is for individuals who have really given themselves fully to God.  In that case you are invited to join the site and participate in the blogs, the chat system, and whatever else we may have to offer.  At no time will we ever ask you for even one nickle, because we know that God is our provider.

   As you go through the various pages, if you feel the teaching is of any help to you feel free to become a member, we would love to have you on board.  Know that through this website, you can enjoy not only teaching, but also fellowship with like minded believers.

Be Blessed, enjoy, fellowship, and learn,

Welcome to the Quest

 T. D. Bennett

website founder

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